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Ryan Fleisch
Head of Product Marketing, Real-Time CDP & Audience Manager at Adobe June 23
I’m going to answer this question the same way I answered, “How do you measure ROI of sales enablement?” because ultimately success should be ROI in some form. Here’s my response again:  Ultimately yo
Shabih Syed
Product Lead, Ecosystem Discovery at Square | Formerly MparticleJuly 7
In my opinion the effectiveness of sales enablement should be measured by reducing the customer acquisition costs over time and reducing the time it takes to close a deal. Having these in-process KPIs
ShiQi Wu
Head of Product Marketing, APAC at TikTok December 10
I think there's a similar question above on measuring KPIs. Please refer to it. But essentially I'll look at 2 parts  1. Whether sales has received the information Attendance rates, Tests/Quizzes to
Priya Gill
Vice President, Product Marketing at Momentive (SurveyMonkey) March 8
It really depends on the type of enablement that you’re doing and the problems you’re looking to solve. But at the end of the day, there are two key metrics I’m always looking at, which is the average
Sunny Manivannan
Vice President & GM, Global SMB at Braze June 16
My top 3 metrics to measure sales enablement success are :1. Reduction in ramp time for new AEs coming into the company - defined as 'how many days does an AE spend at my company before they close the
Kevin Garcia
Head of Product Marketing at Retool May 4
There are a lot of ways to measure sales enablement: lead-to-conversion rates, win-rates, sales rep NPS, etc. HubSpot does a great overview of popular options in this post.  In my experience, there i
Jeff Otto
Vice President, Product Marketing at Marqeta July 14
Sharing how I think about this as an industry marketer. My first step would be to huddle with my sales and product leaders and align common goals (where possible). If you are working within a larger
Sina Falaki
Head of Industry, Segment, and Solutions Marketing at Motive | Formerly ProcoreJune 16
As an industry marketer I am mostly concerned around the sales cycle, ASP, win rate, content performance, and rep productivity. Good enablement, marketing, and content, should shorten sales cycles and
Nikhil Balaraman
Senior Director Product Marketing at Roofstock January 5
At a high-level the goal is likely to make sellers more productive in some sense. Probably by making them more effective or more efficient. Let’s just call this “go-to-market readiness” as this is ty
Jon Rooney
Vice President Product Marketing at Unity | Formerly Splunk, New Relic, Microsoft, OracleApril 12
It's a bit of a white whale in a lot of organizations, but ideally you want to measure not just consumption or certification rates, but the percentage of closed/won opportunties in which the account t
Grant Shirk
Head of Product Marketing, Cisco Meraki at Cisco Meraki | Formerly Tellme Networks, Microsoft, Box, Vera, Scout RFP, and Sisu Data, to name a few.August 16
A shorter answer here, but I think there's a pretty straightforward way to measure sales enablement overall. Ideally, this is driven by the sales enablement team, and you're fueling their succces: Ke
Mandy Schafer
Director of Product Marketing at Mastercard June 15
Create a quiz or set up role playing for your sales team on their understanding of the product features, capabilities and messaging. When you set aside time to observe how your sales teams are underst
Charlene Wang
Vice President & Head of Marketing at April 7
Sales enablement success should ultimately drive sales success, including the size & number of deals closed won and win rates. Leading sales enablement indicators of sales success include adoption
Tamara Grominsky
VP Product Marketing & Lifecycle at Kajabi May 11
I've seen this done successfully a number of different ways. Here are a few common ones: Usage - What is the % of your sales team that is using the content and collateral you are creating. If you use
Srini Sekaran
Senior Product Manager at Amazon June 7
Measuring sales success is unique to your organization but you can gauge general effectiveness by understanding the volume of opportunities, conversion rates, and productivity.  Volume of Opportunity
Tracy Montour
Head of Product Marketing at HiredScore July 28
My favorite way to measure sales enablement success is through a Sales Confidence Score. Start with a baseline survey to the sales team on their confidence across your products, personas, verticals, e