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Sara Rosso
Director of Product Marketing at HubSpot | Formerly Early hire @ Automattic (, WordPress VIP)April 7
As a fully distributed / remote company, we operate slightly uniquely than other companies - the two biggest differences are 1) we don't use email and 2) everything by default is public to the entire
Daniel Kuperman
Head of Core Product Marketing & GTM, ITSM Solutions at Atlassian April 14
I am very biased in this case because my company, Atlassian, makes tools that help with this. For example, we are heavy users of Confluence and for each product launch we have a page outlining the ste
Amey Kanade
Product Marketing at Fire TV (Smart TVs) at Amazon April 21
1. I create custom marketing dashboard daily reports ahead of every product launch. (Google analytics/Periscope/Tableau Daily Reports, don't have a specific preference as long as the right metrics are
Jasmine Jaume
Director, Product Marketing at Intercom November 10
In the past we've used things like Google Sheets/docs, but for the past 18 months or so we've started using Coda and it's been a game changer. We do all our launch planning in Coda, which means there
Sunny Manivannan
Vice President & GM, Global SMB at Braze June 16
1. Google Sheets2. Slack and Email My personal perspective (and I know this is not a popular opinion) - keep project management tools as far away as possible from your product launches. There are ver
Naman Khan
Chief Marketing Officer at Blend March 17
There are 3 that I couldn’t live without:Total Project Manager (TPM): This is the “quarterback” of the launch, they own the master launch plan, ensure dependencies are captured, establish alignment &a
Gregg Miller
VP of Product Marketing at Oyster® September 29
GTM kickoff meeting: It is absolutely essential to get all the right stakeholders in the same room to get on the same page around what we're doing, why, by when, and with which owners. I like to have
Mike Polner
Head of Marketing at Discord | Formerly Uber, Fivestars, Electronic ArtsJune 10
I wish I could say I have some secret weapon tool that's truly magical, unfortunately, I am just a Google Docs power user. More broadly, I should say that keeping stakeholders engaged comes more from
Iman Bayatra
Director of Product Marketing at Coachendo | Formerly Google, MicrosoftAugust 9
I use two main tools to ensure all teams are aligned and engaged: Google Sheets and Slack. In addition, I make sure to schedule weekly / bi-weekly meetings with relevant stakeholders to prioritize tas