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Kevin Garcia
Head of Product Marketing at Retool April 16
As a rule of thumb, you should always test your messaging. The level of rigor and criteria for success should be sized appropriately the higher you go in the messaging hierarchy.For this answer, I’ll
Sarah Lambert
Head of Product Marketing at Symphony Talent October 20
This really depends on the channel: For websites and demand gen, you can always use A/B testing to determine what works, but for messaging further down in the funnel, tracking interactivity with diffe
Diego Lomanto
Chief Marketing Officer at Ada May 11
We use varioius external forums for testing messaging. We do a lot of informal conversations with customers but we also have formal customer and product advisory boards where we preview messaging. I
Pranav Deshpande
Product Marketing Leader at | Formerly TwilioMay 10
There's both qualitative and quantitative ways to test messaging, and in my opinion both are equally important in the long run.  The qualitative approach involves directly validating messaging with y