Mary (Shirley) Sheehan
Group Manager, Engagement & Retention Campaigns at Adobe

I also love Intercom. I took their Jobs to Be Done methodology and made a value prop project out of it!

I also think stripe has a great website for their products and reference it frequently:

Segment has pleasantly come a long way - they have a clear explanation of who their product is for, use cases, etc:

Robin Pam
Product Marketing Lead at Stripe
Apple is the gold standard in my book. They have a strong point of view and aesthetic, and every product has a story, launch, and campaign behind it. Square has emulated this model as well, and their website shines as a result.   In the SaaS category, Zendesk and Mailchimp are some of my favori...more
Savita Kini
Director of Product Management, Speech and Video AI at Cisco
May be I am baised, but in the large Global 500 space, infrastructure -- I would say my experience at Cisco was the best. For me thats kind of the benchmark now - both in terms of strategy and execution cadence that I learnt. From products to solution to positioning platforms, working with ecosys...more
Naman Khan
Chief Marketing Officer at Zeplin
Yes! Here are a few examples, mostly B2B SaaS. Asana: I love how they take, what is a horizontal app, and position it to address specific use cases by function & persona. Whether the target user is in Sales, Product, Operations, HR or some other function, the PMM team at Asana know your top us...more
Jon Rooney
Group Vice President, Industry Marketing at Oracle
The early work Twilio did to quickly convey what the service did and who it's for then get developers to dig into the product and have an a-ha moment with a couple of lines of code was pretty great. All of it tic and tied back to the brand and voice of the company, which had a sort of open source...more
Ivan Dwyer
Product Marketing at Okta
I’m not allowed to say Stripe. Everyone says Stripe. So I’ll say…. Stripe? I kid, I kid. I’ll always have a soft spot for Heroku – they’ve always stood out to me as a company with a unique brand presence that never compromised on technical value and authenticity. Some of the Product Marketers I ...more
James Winter
VP of Marketing at Spekit

Salesforce is my #1 in B2B. just overall content is amazing. very customer oriented

Jonathan Torrey
Product Manager, Video Advertising at
Spotify comes to mind with product marketing I really admire.  The particular element of their product marketing I most admire is their ability to elevate listening to music and podcasts on the go, to a data-rich, "teach me something about myself" package at the end of each year.  Dating ba...more
Dena Nejad
Director of Marketing at Hover

Intercom does a great job

Chris Guest
Head of Marketing & Growth at Topology Eyewear

+1 for Intercom. Also Buffer and Autopilot. All focus on training their target customer to be better in their job.