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Christine Sotelo-Dag
Director of Product Marketing & Customer Marketing at Mode Analytics November 23
The best demo's i've seen in my experience we're not super scripted but rather were adapted to the buyer/prospects needs. In an ideal scenario the discover and first calls have helped set the stage we
Katie Gerard
Director of Product Marketing at Klaviyo May 12
Demo scrips and pitch decks can be very difficult to land, especially if you're dealing with a generally successful sales org which may be less open to change. It's super important that you get align
Dave Kong
Head of Product Marketing at Scale AI January 16
Tie to your Pitch — that your combined pitch and demo tells one cohesive story. Tell-show-tell. Tell = pitch where you describe the value of your solution. Show = demo where you demonstrate t
Daniel Kuperman
Head of Core Product Marketing & GTM, ITSM Solutions at Atlassian February 18
In my view, a demo should talk directly to the persona you are dealing with. This means you need to tailor the flow to address that persona’s key challenges, needs, and the situation they live in. I a
Lizzie Yarbrough de Cantor
Director of Product Marketing, Risk at AuditBoard October 27
This one ties back up to the question about good sales partnerships. :) I think the best way to create successful scripts is to do so in partnership with your pre-sales team. They have more knowledge
Misha Lewis Rangel
Global Product Marketing Manager, Hybrid Cloud on IBM Power Systems at IBM April 5
Work closely with the highest performing sales reps to understand how they're pitching the product. They typically have "road tested" a bunch of different approaches and have figured out what works al