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Alex Lobert
Associate Director Product Marketing, Creator Promotion at Spotify March 17
We use voice of customer insights to inform messaging and positioning as well as our product roadmap. At Spotify, we have monthly syncs with our partnerships and sales team to just discuss feedback fr
Dee Dee Wolverton
Product & Instructor Marketing, Director at Udemy December 15
Ideally, in everything :) Product Marketers should aim to approach our work from the perspective of the consumer, and frequently bring that view into internal conversations. This is why we closely eva
Jennifer Kuvlesky
Director of Product Marketing at Snow Software November 17
I've used VoC insights to improve marketing messages, campaign focus and customer experiences. Here are some examples.  Customer onboarding: Analyzing support case trends and feedback from product re
Daniel Palay
Head Of Product Marketing at 3Gtms March 31
Voice of Customer insights are a great way to 1) see trends among customers (if enough are saying the same thing) and 2) check our own collective understanding of what we do. Sometimes, VoC will sugge
Madison Leonard 🕶
Product Marketing & Growth Advisor at | Formerly ClickUp, Vanta, DreamWorks AnimationJanuary 19
The best use of VoC is usually with informing the product roadmap with PLG companies. I find that customer advocacy programs are better for more Enterprise-level roadmapping and selling.  Great examp
Katie Levinson
Head of Marketing at | Formerly LinkedIn, Credit Karma, HandshakeFebruary 4
Any VoC insights/data should be shared internally, along with the “so what.” It’s not enough to just share results from a survey or what you’ve heard from your consumers - you have to package it up in
Abdul Rastagar
GTM Leader | Marketing Author | Career Coach at May 8
VOC is used in a wide variety of ways. Some examples include guiding product development, building personas, message refinement, content development, targeting campaigns, sales training, educating cus