Product Marketing
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Senior Director, Product Marketing at Twilio

I have a 5-step approach that i've developed over time. It does change based on the situation, but the main flow typically stays in tact. I presented this at an event, so you can watch the full breakdown here.

Vanessa’s 5-Step Approach for Successful Positioning, Segmentation, Targeting, and Persona Development.

  1. Have an opinion
  2. Know your customer
  3. Know your use case
  4. Persona Development
  5. Build your winning position
Head Of Product Marketing at 3Gtms
I take a three-dimensional approach to customer segmentation. Within any given "traditional" segment (industry, size, geography, etc.) I look at three things: What problems my client's product solves, the stakeholders involved, and what incentives those stakeholders are responding to.  @Greg H...more
Senior Director, Head of Consumer Product Marketing at Eventbrite
Segmentations and personas both have a role to play in informing product strategy and targeting for marketing. Defining segments is more of quantitative exercise with a primary goal of optimizing your business and operating model. Typically, I couple an external prospect survey with internal dat...more
Director of Strategy and New Business Development - Platform Partnerships at Eventbrite
I’ve typically seen segmentation and personas fall flat in one of two ways: either they were purely based on readily available internal data (usually, transaction or product-focused), or they were purely based on external interviews and didn’t come with a perspective on how representative they we...more
Product & Instructor Marketing, Director at Udemy
We think about this as a layered approach, of which time is an important consideration. Here are some ways to think about the differences: * Jobs To Be Done (JTBD): Essentially, what is the 'job' someone is 'hiring' your product to do? What is the outcome they're looking for? This is extreme...more