Katie Gerard
Product Marketing Lead at Klaviyo

It depends on how radically different your Enterprise solution actually is and how unfamiliar it will feel to Sales. Something else to consider, is this a new tier or a totally new product?  

Often your Enterprise solution isn't radically different from your Standard product, especially at launch. Also, if your sales team has come into contact with enterprise customers they're probably already clamoring for the enterprise functionality. If this isn't the case though and let's say you've acquired or built a more standalone enterprise solution and are trying to train your SMB sales team on it, I'd start slow and then ramp up. Make sure the team really understands the enterprise pain points the new solution is meant to solve. What's the value proposition? Key selling points? Starting high level this way, you can ramp your team up slowly on all the details. With Enterrpise sales, your volume is probably fairly low especially in the beginning so you can have a Solutions Architect or even PMM help out with demos until the Sales team feels more comfortable.

Nikhil Balaraman
Director, Retailer Product Marketing at Instacart
* Instead of focusing on the features, start with the use case -- why are we launching this we sub-product? What problem does it solve for our key personas or existing customers? Do we have examples of users adopting this product? * Once you have an understanding for how/why people are...more
Erin Gunaratna
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Yext
I’m lucky to partner with a great Enablement team at Yext, so I cannot take credit for everything I mention in this answer! But, we’ve treated our best enablement efforts sort of like a “compliment sandwich” — start with the simple message, then open the hood to see the context and relevant detai...more
Marcus Andrews
Director of Product Marketing at Pendo.io
I think two things really help here.  1. Make sure you're aligned with their incentives and what they want. We went through this recently and found the sales team was really hungry for something new to sell. We gave them a new way to hit their numbers and as a result they really worked hard to...more