What is your messaging strategy for a new product that is early in its lifecycle, but is a differentiator for the company?
The promise of it is alluring but actual applications and the back end infrastructure is not ironed out yet.
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How do i use multiple customer quotes and case study stats to create a 2 pager sales enablement asset?
Im not sure how i can structure this document, but i have (numbers) on how our product benefited the customer and why they chose us over a competitor and multiple quotes from different customers. What is the best way to tell a story?
8 Answers
When crafting B2B messaging, what is your approach for mixing functional vs emotional benefits and why?
How do you leverage the emotional, personal benefits for the B2B buyer knowing that they also have to sell the product internally based on rational, company benefits?
2 Answers
How to develop messaging for a mature company entering a new market with a huge brand recall vs a new company?
How would you approach the two different scenarios? Is there difference in the messaging frameworks that you'd use to ideate, evaluate and promote messaging within organizations? How would you go about it and what would be your exact approach?
1 Answer
What are some effective strategies for writing clear and compelling messaging?
This is something I've been struggling with since becoming a PMM
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Where does in-app copy fit in your org? (Under Product Marketing, Design or other?)
Particularly interested in technical products, but also curious for nontechnical.
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How do you communicate product marketing achievements upwards and build visibility?
It can sometimes be a struggle for those on the executive team, or in higher leadership roles, to see the value that product marketing is bringing to the business - especially if they do not have regular interaction. How do you build visibility for you and/or your team, and clearly communicate the achievements and activities throughout the year?
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