Alexandra Gutow
Director, Product Marketing at Snowflake

I actually tend to take bits and pieces from different ones that I've used in the past to create my go-to. Whatever framework you use should help you get to a focused opinion on the tagline, elevator pitch, and 3 benefit pillars. This means it should capture who is this for (primary personas) and what you're competing against (competitors) as "givens" to set the stage. Then the most valuable thing to have in the messaging are the 3 key benefit pillars of your product/solution/feature that are untouchable by the competition and matter most to your target audience. To justify your 3 key benefits, it's important that a messaging framework make you "show your work" so to speak. For each, why was it a challenge prior? How do you make it better? What's unique? What's the impact to your customer? Answering these in the framework also can make it easier when you're collecting feedback and buy-in, because it gives enough background for folks to debate. And then once you've nailed those pillars, the tagline and the elevator pitch tend to stem from there.

Malli Vangala
Sr. Director, Security Product Marketing at Microsoft
Sure. While I cannot share internal documents necessarily, I can share a few elements that I think make up good messaging frameworks. 1. Market and competitive context 2. Product strategy/objective (i.e. why we are introducing this particular product/capability and how it fits in broader p...more
Charlotte Norman
Head of Product Marketing at Canva
Positioning is about showcasing how you solve your customer's needs in a unique and beneficial way.  I firmly believe that you can not create strong messaging if you have not completed an audit of your competitor's messaging. I typically use the following framework to audit competitors:  Comp...more
April Rassa
Vice President of Product Marketing at HackerOne
I think some of the work April Dunford has done in terms of the framework she lays out in her book is super practical and easy to use. There are some good examples you can find here.   I'm a big fan of the Content Marketing Institute and they have some great content around messaging framewo...more
Sarah Lambert
VP, Product Marketing at Buckzy Payments
There are a lot of messaging frameworks out there to choose from, but I take a bottom up approach: I start with the differentiators and proof points and then build my elevator pitch, value prop statements and long descriptions from those foundational components. I also use the rule of 3 for my di...more