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I interviewed earlier this year and did well except for this assignment. I'm hoping to better prepare for similar situations. Here's the quest: As mentioned, the next part of this process is to complete a brief assignment. The purpose of this assignment is just to see your methodology get some insight into your approach to tasks. For this assignment, I'd like for you to create a high-level go-to-market plan and strategy for our flagship product our event marketing platform. Our company traditionally has targeted enterprise b2b companies. I'd like you to come up with high-level messaging, define who the target audience is, and then detail your strategy for informing the market about our event platform and getting more leads. Please identify which channels you would use, and what you would need for this go-to-market launch. Please keep your response under 2 pages
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Rekha Srivatsan
Vice President Product Marketing at Salesforce July 26
Sorry, that didn't work out! Here's how I would approach this assignment:  Study Certain's website to understand their current product messaging and positioning. And make sure your draft is different
Hien Phan
Director of Product Marketing at Amplitude October 5
I have no idea how you prep your presentation. But for an assignment like this one, I think what employers want to test is your ability to assess the problem and provide a solution. So before I would
Priya Gill
Vice President, Product Marketing at Momentive (SurveyMonkey) March 9
First off, I'll say that I'm never a fan of making someone create messaging/positioning and defining a GTM plan about the interviewing company's product because you're never going to get to the level
Jeff Hardison
Head of Product Marketing at Calendly August 10
I’d have to see your assignment response to make recommendations! And I probably shouldn’t print my recommendations here publicly, as this company probably wants to keep the assignment confidential. F
Zachary Reiss-Davis
Head of Industry/Audience Marketing; Director of Product Marketing at Procore Technologies July 13
I don't think I can help you on the full assignment within the scope of an AMA; especially since the sub-question reads like the company probably is going to be using this question for other candidate
Grant Shirk
Head of Product Marketing, Cisco Meraki at Cisco Meraki | Formerly Tellme Networks, Microsoft, Box, Vera, Scout RFP, and Sisu Data, to name a few.July 6
Pulling this one up. It's outside the realm of KPIs and measurement, but I think it's really critical. And I have a few strong opinions here.  If I can summarize this back, as part of your interview
Tracy Montour
Head of Product Marketing at HiredScore July 28
I often find these assignments are about your approach to problem solving, positioning, and alignment rather than the work you actually produce. This is how I evaluate candidates. To me, it's all abou