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Nisha Goklaney
Director of Product Marketing at HubSpot | Formerly Intuit, American Express, SageNovember 9
There are a host of good training options out there:  1. Sharebird - a great place to start. Here you can get real industry expertise and resources from folks in the field 2. PMM Alliance - They have
Alissa Lydon
Head of Marketing at LEVEE | Formerly Mezmo, Sauce LabsOctober 11
Almost everything I learned about messaging I learned by watching other companies who do it really well. These can be similar players in your space (even competitors), or even products/brands you real
Diego Lomanto
Chief Marketing Officer at Ada May 11
There are a host of good training options out there. Sharebird is a good place to start and you can google alternatives as well. I mentioned a few books earlier on as well - Al Ries and Jack Trout