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ShiQi Wu
Head of Product Marketing, APAC at TikTok December 11
This is a tough one. I work mainly on Southeast Asia which is made up of multiple regions and languages. With minimal resourcing, we tend to do a large online training once a week with the intention t
Dana Foster Chery
Vice President, Marketing at Samsara February 8
This largely depends on the size and distribution of your sales team. On one end, if you have a small, locally based sales team then this is managable and usually lower effort than what you'd need to
Anjali T. Cameron
Head of Marketing at Landed May 8
This continues to be an evolving process but we leverage a few things: Lead time - sharing the info early so the sales team can disseminate it via the right channels with enough notice (for example,
Sarah Din
VP of Product Marketing at Quickbase September 25
Great question! You can easily spend a lot of time on building the perfect messaging framework, but it can be useless if other teams, especially sales, do not understand it or believe in it - so here
Molly Friederich
Director of Product Marketing at | Formerly Twilio, SendGridMay 25
Repetition is so important; it's about embodying the messaging in everything PMM produces, and as you enable on different assets, tying it back to the strategy. Show examples of how key points can com
Hien Phan
Director of Product Marketing at Amplitude November 13
Aside from what Anjali is recommending, you will need to understand how your team sells. (e.g. their sales process) You will need to make sure how messaging can play in 1st Call Deck, Battle cards, an
Jeff Hardison
Head of Product Marketing at Calendly March 22
One of the things I think many PMMs struggle with is realizing that different styles of messaging resonate with different people. Investors like to hear one thing, prospects another, influencers somet
Tracy Montour
Head of Product Marketing at HiredScore July 29
My favorite approach to ensuring the sales team gets messaging is two-fold: Work with sales leadership: Get alignment from sales leadership early and often. If they are bought into the messaging and