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Daniel Kuperman
Head of Core Product Marketing & GTM, ITSM Solutions at Atlassian February 18
Some of the big differences you will see include: Longer sales cycle A bigger group of buyers and influencers More focus on security, certifications, and customer proof The main change is to incorpo
Hien Phan
Director of Product Marketing at Amplitude February 18
This is a tough question to answer because this problem isn't all a PMM problem. This problem is also a sales organization problem. An SMB/Mid Market rep isn't an enterprise rep. A sales leader who on
Rajendran Nair
Vice President Product Marketing at Medallia July 20
I am assuming here that you have already created stories/collateral that will be required to sell into the enterprise. FWIW, here is a framework I use to develop stories -
Roopal Shah
Head (VP) of Global Enablement at Benchling May 19
While there are some common themes regardless fo the segment, there are some unique things down market: - Volume is much higher - reps have a 1000s of accounts versus handfuls so productivity is harde
Jeff Beckham
Sr. Director and Head of Product Marketing at Gem December 17
It’s exciting that your company is making the shift up-market! The first question to ask is whether you have the right people in place to sell into enterprises. Promoting the best people on the mid-ma
Amit Bhojraj
VP of Marketing at Mux April 21
As you go upmarket, third-party influencers become crucial in the sales process—specifically, analysts such as Gartner and Forrester. Enterprises are lower tolerance for risk, and they can lean heavil
Mary Margaret
Editor in Chief at Entertainment Weekly March 11
Great question! Core things to keep in mind:  1. You will be selling to a committee, versus one person/one core contact 2. Due to that, you'll want to really understand the composite of that committee