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Julia Szatar
Director of Product Marketing & Lifecycle Marketing at Loom August 25
One question to start with is – is the goal to target existing customers or attract new ones (or both)? Then figure out where that audience is and how you can most effectively reach them.  Another is
Dave Steer
Vice President of Product Marketing at GitLab July 28
Identifying and prioritizing channels to reach your target audience is key to any product launch. Typically, my channel goal is to surround the audience with a repeated, salient, and consistent messag
Esther Yoon
Vice President, Industry and Product Marketing at RingCentral October 19
Audience. Know your audience. It's cliche. I'm still going to say it again - KNOW your audience. What/who influences them? Where do they get their information? What does the buying journey look like? 
Laura Jones
Chief Marketing Officer at Instacart December 9
  I start by developing a Go-To-Market strategy that identifies the business objective of the launch campaign and articulates the in-focus audience. Once I know what I need to accomplish and who I'm t
Amanda Groves
Senior Director Product Marketing at Crossbeam | Formerly 6sense, JazzHR, Imagine Learning, AppsemblerJanuary 25
Try applying elements of the “t-shirt sizing” product methodology within your tiering process. For background, t-shirt sizing helps you map effort to impact. Typically, a team assigns points or t-shir
Erin Gunaratna
VP, Product Marketing at Chargebee January 21
In my answer to the “not all launches are created equal” question, I laid out some options for communications channels to pursue based on the tier that you assign a given launch. (This best applies to
Chris Glanzman
Director of Product Marketing & Demand Generation at ESO | Formerly FortiveOctober 18
Successfully launching a product these days is an undertaking that requires careful consideration and planning. A lot of factors go into deciding which channels to use for your launch campaign, but th