Julia Szatar
Head of Product Marketing at Loom

One question to start with is – is the goal to target existing customers or attract new ones (or both)? Then figure out where that audience is and how you can most effectively reach them. 

Another is resourcing and scope - what can you pull off in the timeframe you have, and prioritize from there. 

Another would be, do you want to experiment with new channels (and do you have the resources/risk appetite/budget)? For example, we have an upcoming launch and we're looking into new social channels: Instagram and TikTok. But we've made it a P1-2 priority. We're focused on the channels we know are effective for us and will make a game-time decision on TikTok if we have the bandwidth. 

Laura Jones
Head of Marketing at Instacart
  I start by developing a Go-To-Market strategy that identifies the business objective of the launch campaign and articulates the in-focus audience. Once I know what I need to accomplish and who I'm talking to, then I can think about the best channels to land that message. The channels should be...more
Erin Gunaratna
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Yext
In my answer to the “not all launches are created equal” question, I laid out some options for communications channels to pursue based on the tier that you assign a given launch. (This best applies to B2B SaaS organizations, since that’s the sector in which I’ve spent my entire career.) As far a...more
Esther Yoon
AVP of Product Marketing at RingCentral
Audience. Know your audience. It's cliche. I'm still going to say it again - KNOW your audience. What/who influences them? Where do they get their information? What does the buying journey look like?  Prioritization comes down to your goals and any testing you've already done. This is more of an...more
Dave Steer
Vice President of Product Marketing at GitLab
Identifying and prioritizing channels to reach your target audience is key to any product launch. Typically, my channel goal is to surround the audience with a repeated, salient, and consistent message. Depending on the business objective (note to product marketers: clarify the business objectiv...more
Chris Glanzman
Director of Product Marketing & Demand Generation at ESO | Formerly Fortive
Successfully launching a product these days is an undertaking that requires careful consideration and planning. A lot of factors go into deciding which channels to use for your launch campaign, but there are some key questions you need to ask yourself first: * What are the goals of my campaign?...more