Agustina Sacerdote
Global Head of PMM and Content Marketing, TIDAL at Square

Involve these functions in the actual development and execution of the research. the worst you can do is give the impression that research is a "black box" out of which slides with percentages come out! 

This means make them part of identifying the key questions, reviewing whatever instruments you are using (to a certain degree, make sure you're not violating any best practices in the spirit of inclusion) and get a sense BEFORE launching what success looks like for a particular research intiative. Also, see my answer for creating a "customer-centric" culture! Helpful tips there, hopefully! 

Vanessa Thompson
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Twilio
You may be looking at a broader trust issue and its likely that the research and the data you are bringing back is likely only a symptom of this. One of the key soft skills as a PMM is to influence without authority. So think about what motivates your product team, and use that to influence them ...more
Alex Chahin
Sr. Director, Product Marketing at Hims and Hers | Formerly Lyft, American Express
We've all been there. First, you think through a problem and what you need to research. You dig in with your Insights team partner on the objectives and questionnaire. You get raw data back and sythesize. You pull together a thoughtful report with recommendations. You're excited to share it out w...more