Chad Kimner
Product Marketing Director, AR/VR at Meta | Formerly Mozilla, LeapFrog

This partly depends on the role that PMM is expected to play, and we know that this can differ pretty dramatically from company to company, even within the same space. At Meta, we have a clear mandate - probably the clearest I've ever seen - to truly lead as GTM "captains". Leadership relies on us to lead the business, defining goals and strategies, driving cross-functional execution and shouldering accountability for all GTM execution. In an environment like this, the business goals are our goals, though of course we cascade those down across the team quarter to quarter, breaking them into more manageable, shorter-term goals that individuals can own. Will some of those goals be shared with other teams? Possibly.

I recognize that this PMM-as-"GM" model is uniuqe. In addition to core adoption metrics that PMMs commonly take on, I've found value in setting goals like:

  •  % of observed sales calls where prescribed messaging is used
  • survey's of cross-functional teams to rate quality of PMM leadership (How clear is the mission? How connected to changes in the business do you feel? How fast are decisions made? Is product getting actionable insights?)
  • Launch coverage sentiment

These are less satisfying in some ways than something like cost per lead, but they reflect the value PMM adds. 

Priya Gill
Vice President, Product Marketing at Momentive
There are 3 that I primarily look at that PMM influences (not directly drives): * Pipeline / Bookings (Demand gen / monetization efforts) * Win rates (Sales enablement and content) * Product adoption (Growth efforts) There are metrics that we can directly tie to PMM but that I find to be les...more
Mike Flouton
VP, Product at Barracuda Networks
You're a strategic leader focused on leading cross-functional teams towards a single goal - building a healthy business. Focus on revenue and bookings growth for your product. Yes, it's uncomfortable because you rely on the rest of the org and don't control every factor that rolls up to that numb...more
Catlyn Origitano
Senior Director Product Marketing at Fivetran
Most of our PMMs are in Pods - where a PM and PMM focus on a certain area of the business. Each pod shares a North Star Metric - most of which are revenue based and come down from our overall business goals. While of course we aren't 100% responsible for that goal - that is, sales has to sell it!...more