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Laura Jones
Chief Marketing Officer at Instacart December 8
In my experience, the most powerful tool for influencing the Product Roadmap as a PMM is customer insights. If you can clearly demonstrate customer pain points and inspire empathy, that tees up the op
Anna Wiggins
Sr. Director Product Marketing, Insights, Copy & Content at Bluevine August 11
It’s really important to understand your product’s team development process. How is the Product team structured and why? What and when are their sprint cycles. How do new tasks get on the backlog and
Victoria Chernova
Director, Product Marketing at Gong June 9
One area where I've seen PMM historically drive a ton of value is with market and competitive insights. By bringing insights from the market, competitive landscape, buyers, and/or analysts, PMM can en
Natala Menezes
Global Head of Product Marketing at Grammarly | Formerly at: GOOG, MSFT, AMZN, SFDC + startupsFebruary 8
I have always loved this quote by Robert Johnson (notably a musician, not a product marketer!):  “Leadership is the ability to influence people and motivate them to do what needs to be done to accompl
Becky Trevino
Executive Vice President Products at Snow Software | Formerly Rackspace, DellMarch 1
My biggest advice is be customer-focused.  I am a big believer in PMM being a strategic partner to Product Management.  Beyond this simply being my belief, it is hard to build a strong PMM organizat
Lauren Craigie
Head of Product Marketing at Cortex April 27
As noted in a similar question above—DATA. But I don't think the word "influence" is quite right. I really don't think PMMs should have an agenda when it comes to roadmapping. I think our role is to r