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i.e. do you have a few questions you keep in your back pocket or assumptions that you always test when assessing the business and choosing which things to pursue?
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Alexa Scordato
PMO at TikTok August 13
1. Is the business taking a product to market, trying to achieve product market fit, or accelerate demand? I recognize that some teams might say, "All 3!" but if you had to pick one, what's most impor
Priya Gill
Vice President, Product Marketing at Momentive (SurveyMonkey) August 10
There are four areas where I believe that PMMs can add the most value, and that’s where I usually start my assessment to identify the lowest hanging fruit: Product: Do we have product-market fit with
Sina Falaki
Head of Industry, Segment, and Solutions Marketing at Motive | Formerly ProcoreSeptember 20
It depends on what stage the business is at and what it's trying to do. Is the business in search of more demand? Are they trying to ensure a product launches without a hitch? Is there proper product
Amanda Groves
Senior Director Product Marketing at Crossbeam | Formerly 6sense, JazzHR, Imagine Learning, AppsemblerSeptember 7
Great question, I look at the data to identify areas of red and strategize against those ebbs and flows overtime. It's easy to get excited by ideas, but the data we have is the most tangible means of