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Suyog Deshpande
Sr. Director | Head Of Product & Partner Marketing at Samsara June 30
Change Management: As you grow the team, you will have to restructure and assign new responsibilities to individuals. This can be tough when you are going from a do-it-all mindset to functional expert
Jam Khan
Senior Vice President Product Marketing at 6sense July 21
The hardest part in growth and scale is the balance between process, oversight and autonomy. A 5 person team is well aligned, you know what everyone is working on, and easily collaborate on projects.
Kristen Kanka
Head of Product Marketing, Enterprise Solutions at Morningstar | Formerly CaptureX, Medline IndustriesJanuary 27
The biggest challenge for me is scaling my management style as the team has grown. It’s not easy! I want to be a manager who’s responsive to the needs of my direct reports, wherever they are on their