JJ Xia
VP Product Marketing at Zuora

See answer below on “How do you think about the scope or deliverables for various launches?”

Our Product Marketing org rolls into Product on the org chart, but we are every bit as part of the Marketing team too. For any launch, I think of Product Marketers as the quarterback for the rest of the marketing team. It’s the product marketer’s responsbility to be proactive and come up with the strategy, positioning, and messaging first.

We usually kickoff the launch at a Marketing All-Hands. This is led by PMM, meaning Product Marketing should own, define, and articulate the following:

  • What is the new product area
  • Which buyer persona / company segment is a good fit
  • What is the messaging
  • What is the positioning and competitive landscape
  • What are some initial ideas that marketing can get involved with

After the initial kickoff, we spin off into a few different streams, including: 

  • PMM sync – different PMMs usually own various assets (e.g. sales deck, product demo video, etc)
  • Keynote sync with corporate marketing – how do we incorporate the launch into the next keynote
  • PR sync – what is the press strategy, message, and timing
  • AR sync – who are the industry analysts we want to preview this with and what is the schedule
  • Content sync – outside of product content, what other bylines or whitepapers can be produced
  • Campaign sync – what is the outbound campaign strategy and timeline
  • Web sync – how should the website be updated to reflect the new product launch
Loren Elia
Director of Product Marketing at HoneyBook
Product Marketing should be hub and glue that brings all teams together. I usually create a brief for each product launch (see messaging framework question below to see what goes into the brief) and I think through what channels should push the feature. I use another framework for this, which cla...more
Natala Menezes
Global Head of Product Marketing at Grammarly | Formerly at: GOOG, MSFT, AMZN, SFDC + startups
Teamwork makes the dream work! But with large launches and lots of people eager to make it work, it can be confusing. I find that centering that teamwork on an agreed to “Bill of Materials” -- the list of all marketing content that will be produced - helps drive alignment, timelines, and accounta...more
Adam Weigand
Director, Product Marketing at Coinbase
A critical yet simple tool that I’ve used to get cross-functional marketing teams aligned early and often is a crisply written marketing brief that outlines DRIs (directly responsible individuals) for each swimlane of work. This document can serve as the northstar for go-to-market efforts, not on...more
Alina Fu
VP Product Marketing at G2
I would recommend first uncovering the root cause of the confusion. Is the confusion causing redundancy, disagreements over roles & responsibilities, are mismatched expectations of results? The best partnership between product marketing and marketing is when there are clear metrics that will mak...more