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Susan "Spark" Park
Head of Product Marketing, VR Work Experiences, Oculus at Meta May 26
Build confidence and context with your team. The book “The Culture Map” by Erin Meyers relates a person’s communication styles and how to gain their trust. It’s a great read for working with other cu
Priya Gill
Vice President, Product Marketing at Momentive (SurveyMonkey) August 10
Product Marketing is an incredibly cross-functional role, and your success depends on the success of others. So building relationships and ensuring alignment with your key cross-functional partners, l
Naman Khan
Chief Marketing Officer at Blend March 17
With the increase in remote work overall, it is becoming much more the norm for functions like PMM to be remote as well whereas even 5 years ago it was less common to have a PMM role based remotely. W
Jennifer Kay
Product Marketing Expert & Mentor at | Formerly Homebase, Angi, The KnotNovember 8
My advice for a mostly remote consultant is very similiar to that for any product marketer, on or offsite. First and foremost, make it a top priority to invest and build relationships with your key wo