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Rebecca Wells
Senior Product Marketing Manager, HighspotJanuary 25
Full disclosure, I work for Highspot -- but as a customer prior to joining the company, the product capabilities blew my mind. I loved it so much that when an opportunity to join the company came up I took it because that is how much I believe in it. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have, feel free to reach out. 
Nate Slayton
Product Marketing Manager, Hearsay SystemsFebruary 5
We evaluated a lot of sales enablement / CMS tools - Highspot, Showpad, Guru and Seismic included - but the one that has stood out is Highspot to be honest. For me they have the right blend of usability for both marketers and sales people, combined with intuitive reporting so I can actually see what collateral/messaging is working. What we had before with an enterprise DAM (Egnyte) mixed with an organized spreadsheet to post the latest docuement links worked fine as far as getting assets to the sales team. But it defiinetly didn't help me be more effective at my job - so the ability to p...
James Winter
VP of Marketing, SpekitFebruary 12
I've used both Showpad and Docsend in the past.  Showpad has some additional capabilities that Docsend doesn't have but Docsend could not be easier to get the sales team and SDR team to actually use. I also put all of our gated content on Docsend which allowed me to sync visit times and view rates to Salesforce as activities e.g. John Smith and Acme Corp spent 3:51 reading Ebook X 
Jena Donlin
Senior Product Marketing Manager, SnowflakeFebruary 1
We currently use Highspot — before this we've used a number of CMS systems including Drive & Google Docs, Dropbox Paper, Percolate, and Docurated. We also evluated Guru and some others. We also use Confluence for internal documentation. No tool has been perfect — but we've seen good traction with Highspot. The biggest challenge imho is on the usage side and getting solid adoption of the tool for all use cases (remixing, pitching, etc). I want good analytics and an understanding of how sales assets are used. The challenge is that there are still a lot of people keeping, storing, and creat...
Anand Patel
Director of Product Marketing, AppcuesFebruary 1
Copying my answer from the following thread: We are currently looking into tools like Highspot, Showpad and Docurated. It allows us to create a central respository of managed and tracked collateral/content. Most likely leaning towards Highspot. These can obviously be slightly pricy so the other option is to keep a very organized Box/Dropbox folder that makes all content and collateral available to the sales team. This will make it difficult to track how things are being used,...
James Winter
VP of Marketing, Spekit
Pat and Sean did a great job answering with some more tactical approaches so I'll be brief with a couple tips.    There are purpose built tools like Inkling that can be a great way to enable massive sales teams, but they require a ton of investment to do well. Webinars and quizzes are things that work well remotely. Salespeople are competitive so use that to your advantage.   If you have a massive sales team, you should also have the budget to get some outside help to help train them. I’d recommend hiring a professional services firm to make sure the training doesn’t consume all of your...