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Josh Chang
Director, Data & Analytics, Revenue Operations, HubSpotJanuary 24

Honestly, I believe revenue operations leaders need soft skills more than hard skills. Hopefully they are coming from a background where hard skills like data analysis and visualization and Excel/SQL were needed, but broadening this question out to general skills - data analysis, storytelling, and communication and collaboration are the most important.

  • Data analysis: Revenue operations leaders and teams are working with and responsible for the data that supports their stakeholders, so leaders should have a strong skillset in taking that data and using it to answer questions and solve problems so they can support stakeholders as well as help their teams do the same.
  • Storytelling: This is kind of an extension of data analysis, but all the best data analysts are also outstanding storytellers. The CEO of your company is often not going to want the nitty gritty details of an analysis project, and so revenue operations leaders and professionals need to be able to distill complex topics into simple stories and narratives that someone who is not in the weeds will understand and take action on. 
  • Collaboration: This is obviously important in MOST jobs, but revenue operations leaders are constantly working to align different teams and stakeholders across business functions, as well as help their own teams make the right strategy decisions. For example, Sales and Marketing are so reliant on each other, but oftentimes aren't collaborating nearly as much as they should be. A RevOps leader needs to be able to quickly identify those gaps and drive action based on aligned data, priorities, and initiatives. 
Brian Vass
Vice President Revenue Operations, PaycorNovember 12

In my opinion, soft skills are more imporatnt than hard in this role; however, there are a few hard skills that are important:

  • Practical sales and/or marketing experience. It's important that you can resonate and empathize with the teams you are supporting.  This also provides credibility. 
  • Strong experience with CRM and related technologies. My deep knowledge and expreience of Salesforce, Marketo, and other sales/marketing tools is a big reason I've been successful in this role.
  • Experience with budgeting and data analysis. RevOps leaders need practical experience telling stories through data to enable the org to make better business decisions.