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Suhas Manangi
Group Product Manager, AirbnbJune 6

Top 3 traits that makes a Good PM a Good AI PM:

  1. Understand foundational ML tech concepts and having used them to make product decisions. For eg: Statistical Regression, Causation vs Corelation, AUC, P/R, Features vs Labels, Feature distribution, Model Training, Model drift and auto training, etc
  2. Aware of potential bias and fiarness need in ML solutions they have launched in the past. Having used model observability and interpretability to explain the model output for their product corner cases.
  3. Ability to scale up product decisions going from single global configuration, to customized per user segment, to fully scalled 'personalized product expereince for each and every user'.
Savita Kini
Director of Product Management, Speech and Video AI, CiscoMarch 1

Key traits for AI PM is no different from other PM roles -- empathy for customer issues, ability craft / create / articulate problems and how we might approach the solution, industry and domain experience, and collaborative leadership to work with engineering. Willingness to learn or prior experience or understanding of AI/ML modeling challenges, and how they can be use in the context the industry / domain where it is applied is ofcourse a big plus. 

Deepak Mukunthu
Senior Director of Product, AI/ML Platform, DocuSignJune 26

AI PMs are expected to have a broad understanding of ML lifecycle and knowledge of key ML trends in the industry. Ensure your product management basics are strong: Deep focus on customers, business priority, foster an experimentation culture. In this session, I also covered key traits of successful AI product managers: Hope this helps!