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Hien Phan
Director of Product Marketing at Amplitude October 5

(1) problem (2) solution (3) benefit and value. 

Remember there is a difference between benefit vs. value. For example, if something is automated, the benefit is you don't have to do it manually, the value might be you get to spend more time on more important tasks. Most prospects just want to see if (a) your company helped someone like them (b) was it a similar problem (c) what are the immediate benefits and (d) what are the long term value. 

Suyog Deshpande
Sr. Director | Head Of Product & Partner Marketing at Samsara May 13

Learn from the best in the industry. I love the customer marketing from the following companies: 

1. Salesforce - unbelievable focus on customers! Look at the trailhead, attend Dreamforce if you can

2. Gong - I like how they call out specific outcomes and challenges

3. Adobe Experience Maker Awards: 

Mandy Schafer
Director of Product Marketing at Mastercard June 11

The best customer testimonials are those where you let the customers talk about their own personal pain points at work, and not have them try to focus on what the company pain points. Their personal pain is generally the overall company pain, especially in an enterprise setting. When it becomes personal, and your software is what helped make their lives better, then the true passion comes out. This personal touch is what resonates to other customers and buyers. When your software helped promote their career, make their overall work easier or helped them solve headaches so they can focus on other things, it’ll come out in their testimonials. These become the best stories you can get out of a customer, and resonate the most with other potential customers and buyer.