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Lindsey Weinig
Director of Product Marketing at Twilio August 16
Building strong messaging, aligned across executives and stakeholders can be done using 3 key tactics. First, include and cite trusted datapoints, both qualitative and quantitative, from third party s
Hila Segal
VP Product & Customer Marketing at Observe.AI | Formerly Clari, Vendavo, AmdocsMay 31
The short answer is customer validation. The best messaging is what comes out of your customer's mouth so spend time learning from your customers and informing your base messaging. But even after you
Diego Lomanto
Chief Marketing Officer at Ada May 11
You need to listen to people, share positioning work as it develops and be iterative. If you just show up with a messaging strategy without involving leadership in the formulation you are most likely
Sahil Sethi
Senior Vice President, Product Marketing at BetterUp | Formerly Klaviyo, Qualtrics, Microsoft, MckInseyNovember 1
This response is for messaging alignment (not alignment on all marketing activities).  - Build a comprehensive messaging framework. A good framework captures buyers, pain points, overall positioning,
To align executives and stakeholders, and receive their buy-in, you have to tell them where your brand is going before you say how to get there. Concerning your question, you need a solid Communicati