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Ajit Ghuman
Director of Product Management - Pricing & Packaging, CXP at Twilio | Formerly Narvar, Medallia, Helpshift, Feedzai, Reputation.comNovember 12
The world does trillions of dollars of business for FMCG products every year. They are all commodities, and yet they are continuously fighting a positioning and messaging battle against one another. 
Hally Pinaud
VP, Product Marketing at Podium February 1
Others have said this but it bears repeating: if you product is truly undifferentiated, then marketing is your path forward. Feature/function is a losing battle in this scenario. Figure out your brand
Vijay Ramachandran
VP, Product Leader, Storage solutions at VMware March 1
In the land undifferentiated products, the marketer is king. A commodity industry creates a great opportunity for PMMs, because product marketing can drive the go-to-market narrative, and actually pla
Lauren Tracy
Cofounder, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at Blue Fever February 15
I am not the expert here. But as someone who has been studying brands and companies her whole life for fun I find that with companies that sell things that other companies do too, the most impactful t