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Aneri Shah
Head of Product Marketing at Ethos Life | Formerly Meta, MicrosoftFebruary 17
I also love Drift and Intercom's blogs and handbooks! First Round Review also has some great case studies.  For courses, I like Pragmatic Marketing [great PMM frameworks] and Reforge [growth-focused,
Mike Polner
Head of Marketing at Discord | Formerly Uber, Fivestars, Electronic ArtsDecember 12
I think the two you mention are solid. Thinking outside of just PMM workflows, in general PMMs need to be extremely tight with the customer and have really strong business and market context so I try
Kevin Ferguson
Founder, Storyteller, Product/Digital Marketer & Video Editor at Kevin Ferguson March 11
I use Twitter Lists to customize my industry resources. I have different Lists for Product Marketing, Brand Storytellers (like Mike, I have AdAge in this group), ABM, Productivity Tools, Video Tips et
Felix Huang
Senior User Acquisition Manager at Hopper | Formerly Skillz, Telus Health,January 3
I would also check out Product Marketing Alliance. They have good blog content, a podcast, and a really active Slack Community. One thing I like about their Slack group is that it includes tons of Pro
Julie Brown
Product Marketing & Event Leader, Strategist, & Consultant at 56th Street Productions, LLC | Project Product | Formerly STANLEY Security (Securitas), Conga (Apttus), SAP, Aprimo (Teradata), Salesforce (ExactTarget)December 2
I browse a number of different resources from here on Sharebird, AIPMM, Pragmatic, SiriusDecisions (Forrester), Crayon's blog, Medium (includes a number of different publications I recommend following