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Dee Dee Wolverton
Product & Instructor Marketing, Director at Udemy December 14
A market analysis is complex: there are many (many) different things that make up a market, and it can easily become a sociological discussion - especially as you see similar trends across multiple ma
Kevin Garcia
Head of Product Marketing at Retool June 24
I think market research (and all research, really) needs to be right-sized to the problem that you’re trying to solve. If you’re doing market research to name a tiny feature, that’s very different fro
Daniel Palay
Head Of Product Marketing at 3Gtms March 30
Unfortunately, I'm probably not the best one to query about various tools for this - I'm the guy who still takes all his notes with a pen, has a total of four apps downloaded to his phone and refuses
Grant Shirk
Head of Product Marketing, Cisco Meraki at Cisco Meraki | Formerly Tellme Networks, Microsoft, Box, Vera, Scout RFP, and Sisu Data, to name a few.April 13
Your best bet is always "talk to customers." You'll learn more in 10 conversations with prospects and customers than you will with $10K or $20K in market analysis.  To keep it fresh, participate in w
Alissa Lydon
Head of Marketing at LEVEE | Formerly Mezmo, Sauce LabsApril 26
Market and competitive analysis can sometimes feel overwhelming. With so many sources to keep track of, and new competitors popping up all the time, it can be a full time job! To avoid feeling overwh
Jeffrey Vocell
VP of Product Marketing at | Formerly Narvar, Iterable, HubSpot, IBMAugust 3
There's so many tools out in the market today, so here are a few recommendations of categories: Surveys - SurveyMonkey, TypeForm, Qualtrics Dashboards - Looker, Sisense, Etc Market Data - Statista, M