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Manav Khurana
Observability Product GM at New Relic October 11
First the failure mode (for contrast): PMM does a kick ass job with product decks and slicks. There is a training session where some people seem to be paying attention, but most people are distracted
James Winter
VP of Marketing at Spekit August 23
Internal training materials/deck Education should always be a big part of launching the product. The first thing you need to accomplish is getting the sales team to actually care about whatever it is
Gregg Miller
VP of Product Marketing at Oyster® May 16
This will vary depending on how important a given product is as well as its degree of complexity, but for a decently robust feature/product I think you'd want some of the following as a minimum. [Int
Hien Phan
Director of Product Marketing at Amplitude May 2
You need to have a slide on the new product and how it fits to your overall story. In cases where the product is a huge release, I would include a one pager. Included in all of the assets are talking
Courtney Craig
Senior Team Lead, Retail Product Marketing at Shopify August 18
Product one sheets/handouts/leave behinds, strategy/copy for sales outreach email campaigns, internal one-sheets for sales calls/scripts, a demo video, buyer's guide, case studies or testimonials if p
Steve Feyer
Product Marketing Director at Eightfold August 21
I agree with everything Courtney wrote and would add that the sales materials need to train the sales team on a compelling event that will drive interest in the product. This could be externally drive
Dave Daniels
Founder at BrainKraft March 21
The ones that compel a buyer to act. Unless you are a customer of your own product, you can't determine what those things are. You have to learn them from buyers in your target market. 
Dave Daniels
Founder at BrainKraft April 3
That is best answered by buyers and not by sales people. Go talk to potential buyers and find out what they need to help them make a buying decision. If you don't have time to do that, make sure you