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Alina Fu
Head of Marketing for Viva Goals and Learning (Director) at Microsoft November 30
I take a relationship-based approach when I think about stakeholder management. I prefer to tailor my style to the individual, so it doesn’t matter as much which department but what type of personali
Stacey Wang
Director of Product Marketing at Ironclad July 1
To the extent different teams have different cultures, I will tailor my approach, but for the most part I manage stakeholders according to their individual personalities rather than what team they're
April Rassa
Product Marketing at Cohere | Formerly Adobe, Box, GoogleJanuary 18
Yes! When approaching stakeholder management, it's key to accurately identify who your stakeholders are to cultivate and nurture strong relationships successfully. You'll want to fully understand the
Natalie Louie
Product Marketing, Senior Director at Replicant | Formerly MobileCoin, Zuora, Hired, Oracle, ResponsysMay 5
Yes, I always do.   Treat each stakeholder like one of your “personas”. Understand their role, what their pain points are, what their goals are, what words they use and what’s important to them. Do