Product Marketing
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Vice President of Product Marketing at HackerOne

Yes! When approaching stakeholder management, it's key to accurately identify who your stakeholders are to cultivate and nurture strong relationships successfully. You'll want to fully understand the unique points of view and needs of your stakeholders. Like any solid relationship, it requires ongoing strategic engagement and effort.

You’ll need to determine the best way to involve and communicate with each of your stakeholders to earn their buy-in and support. One way to do this is to create a stakeholder profile that asks three questions: What motivates them? How does this project align with their priorities? Do they have a negative view of the project? Once you have a clear idea of who your stakeholders are and what each one needs, the next step is to develop a communication strategy to guide engagement throughout the process.

VP Product Marketing at G2
I take a relationship-based approach when I think about stakeholder management. I prefer to tailor my style to the individual, so it doesn’t matter as much which department but what type of personality they have and their communication preferences. For instance, a leader in department X may prefe...more
Director of PMM at Ironclad
To the extent different teams have different cultures, I will tailor my approach, but for the most part I manage stakeholders according to their individual personalities rather than what team they're a part of. Some folks are more transactional; others are more relationship-driven. No matter the ...more
Head of Marketing at MobileCoin
Yes, I always do.   Treat each stakeholder like one of your “personas”. Understand their role, what their pain points are, what their goals are, what words they use and what’s important to them. Do a 1:1 with them, get to know them, their OKRs, interview them and find out how you can help them...more