Dee Dee Wolverton
Product & Instructor Marketing, Director at Udemy

Yes! We can and we do - surveys, interviews, localization checks, experimentation, and instructor advisory boards. Some of these are a heavier lift than others, so it’s important to ensure you are really thoughtful to marry the content and desired outcome to the testing approach, to ensure you can glean as much actionable data as possible.

Katie Levinson
Head of Product Marketing at Handshake
Sure do! I like to start with some qualitative research first to help get at any nuances in messaging, especially across different audience segments. Then, run a survey (max diff is a great technique) to understand what resonates most with your different segments. If you also have the budget and/...more
Kevin Garcia
Head of Product Marketing at Retool
100%. It’s a great option when you either 1) don’t have a direction and need to narrow your field of view or 2) you have very similar finalists for messaging and are hoping to choose a winner. Note that surveys rarely have crystal clear results. You’ll still need some amount of qualitative or ...more
Div Manickam
Mentor | Author | Product Marketing Influencer at Inspire. Influence. Impact. | Formerly Lenovo | Dell Boomi | GoodData
This is something we would like to get better at within our team. We aspire to be persona-led and data-driven, but don’t have processes/tools in place to perform the right testing for messaging and positioning. Today, we are able to test messaging and positioning with the sales teams(joining cust...more
Morgan Molnar
Director of Product Marketing at Momentive (maker of SurveyMonkey) | Formerly SurveyMonkey, Nielsen
All the time! Again, I'm lucky to be a product marketing leader working on a market research product, so I have unlimited access to our own message testing solutions. We approach quatitative message testing a couple different ways: - Our live marketing assets provide a great testing ground fo...more