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Tiffany Tooley
Head Of Product Marketing at HubSpot | Formerly Salesforce, IBM, Silverpop, BlackboardMarch 8
We start by co-creating it! It's very much a collaborative exercise across the team to determine how we want to show up as a team! Some of it comes from listening to individuals, replaying back what y
Patrick Cuttica
Product Marketing Lead at Square | Formerly Sprout SocialOctober 15
I don’t know that this is really any different than creating and reenforcing a culture for any team, really. I think a great place to look for inspiration is your company's overall value system and cu
Becky Trevino
Executive Vice President Products at Snow Software | Formerly Rackspace, DellJune 1
The first thing you need to do is understand the growth stage of your company. There are typically 3 critical growth stages for companies:1) Scale to $100M ARR2) Scale to $1B ARR3) Scale from $1B+ AR
Jam Khan
Senior Vice President Product Marketing at 6sense July 20
Product Marketing teams sit at the nexus of so many other functions in the organization. While this makes for a pivotal and strategic role, it can also create an atmosphere of pressure, and the feelin
Katherine Kelly
Head of Product Marketing at Benchling | Formerly ExactTarget (Salesforce Marketing Cloud), Zendesk, Slack, SalesforceMay 19
For me, I have to be intentional here. Because it's so easy to get sucked in to the work and just surviving from deadline to deadline. But you have to put it to the forefront and make it a priority. 
Rehan Mirza
Chief Growth Officer at Verifiable March 26
Culture is something we think about a lot - think it's a bit of a requisite to do so when it's in your company's name. We have a saying here which is "Culture comes first, whether you're conscious of
Pallavi Vanacharla
Vice President Product Marketing at New Relic | Formerly Twilio, Cisco, IntuitMay 27
Love it! Excellent question. Here is the team culture I like to create, which frankly is applicable to any function. But, at the end, I will provide some cultural traits that are specific to product m
Andrew Stinger
Head Of Marketing at Universe June 1
In my experience, most Product Marketers want to have positive impact, and do superlative work. This means my job as a manager of Product Marketers is to get really clear on the kinds of impact we nee