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Brandon McGraw
Senior Director, Head of Product Marketing at DoorDash April 1
Like all things, I think this comes down to trust building. When you're new, focus on building trust with PMs by showing that you can handle the highest priority, high impact problems they bring your
Caroline Walthall
Director of Product Marketing at Quizlet | Formerly UdemyJanuary 31
Every team has a different dynamic with this. In my experience, the PMMs who are highly empathetic and clued into team dynamics do best in this scenario. One of the fears many designers and PMs share
Laura Jones
Chief Marketing Officer at Instacart December 9
One way I have approached this is to bring the cross-functional team together for a Design Sprint. Sprints are one of the most effective ways to quickly align a team around key insights and develop a
Uri Kogan
VP Product Marketing at OnPlan March 4
This can definitely be a challenge, depending on the relationship between PM and PMM. There are a number of approaches that can help. 1. If you have had a prior launch that didn't go as perfectly as
Shezana Manji
VP of Marketing at BenchSci October 13
As product marketers, we need customers to believe in the why (value, benefits), the how and what become proof points. This is also a critical input for the design team to create the right solution to
Aneri Shah
Head of Product Marketing at Ethos Life | Formerly Meta, MicrosoftFebruary 18
Lead with insights. The best way to get involved as a PMM is show that you have both the breadth and depth of insights that articulate the customer problem, and can help shape the designs. Positioning
Sangita Sarkar
Head Of Marketing at Immutable November 13
Establish trust. Throughout my career in gaming, I have seen silos of functions where product doesn't communicate with marketing or design doesn't communicate with engineering- leading to fragmented
Jessica Webb Kennedy
Head Of Marketing at Tailscale | Formerly Atlassian (Trello), HubSpot, LyftDecember 9
Over the years we've worked really hard to get PMMs a seat at the table when it comes to working with the predetermined product triad - Engineering Manager, Product Manager, Designer. I've found that