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Christiana Rattazzi
VP, Industries & Platform Product Marketing at Okta November 2
Totally agree with this comment. The response varies a little based on the stage of the business and GTM motion (e.g. self-serve vs sales-lead). That said, I think the top areas would be (in no partic
Mike Berger
Vice President Product Marketing at ClickUp | Formerly Momentive, Gainsight, MarketoNovember 11
Here's what is top of mind for me as it relates to making a big impact in a startup environment: Understanding of the customer - not just a surface level understanding of the customer, but a deep und
Julien Sauvage
VP, Corporate and Product Marketing at Clari December 6
Well, you need to have an impact on your company's big strategic priorities. Easier said than done, right? So I'd look at your company OKRs or top priorities and align the 3-5 focus areas to that. Ne
Leandro Margulis
Head of Product at Prove September 7
I would say that providing the voice of the customer and the voice of the marker to the product manager so we can build products that resonate with our audience is key. I would also say that providing
Lauren Barraco
VP, Marketing at Inscribe December 14
I'll start by saying that there are two major variables on this one: 1) what the organization needs - this can be very different depending on size of the company, stage of growth, etc. and 2) the repo