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Justin Graci
Principal Marketing Manager - Product GTM & Enablement at HubSpot November 22

This is probably pretty standard for most companies, but these sales materials have been the most used:

  • One pagers / data sheets (product overviews, use cases, etc.)
  • Pitch decks that reps can customize and/or leverage 'templated slides' for easy 'drag and drop' presentation building when prepping for a meeting
  • Quick hit videos -- these are usually short product demo or use case clips they can share

Beyond the well known ones above, we've seen reps finding a ton of value in higher value things like tools, such as calculators. A lot of our best 'lead gen tools' or 'consulting tools' were originally created as spreadsheets, but eventually we invested in building these as proper web-apps that look good.

Christine Sotelo-Dag
Director of Product Marketing & Customer Marketing at Mode Analytics November 21

The essentials - and SDR deck, a first call deck, a standard intro demo, competitive intel and customer stories. Outside of those standards, our sales team really values our customer facing roadmap. And outside of standard 'big logo' customers testimonials - the more specfic industry / segmented testimonials we can provde - the better. 

Huzaifa Dalal
Senior Director Product Marketing, Observability at CrowdStrike September 28


Its important to understand your sales cycle from Leads, Discovery, Demo, Negotiations, Close to Customer Success - what in the cyle is causing your deal velocity to slow down and why. 

Are there more elements of Education required? Are you spelling the functional value of the products correctly, or is it the value of doing business with your company - not clear. 

Dig a little more - and the answer will be right there :)