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Abhiroop Basu
Product Manager at Square January 12
In almost all cases you want to have Product Marketing creating the roadmap deck and delivering it, rather than Product. There are two main reasons for this.First, some PMs (please don't hate me) tend
Monty Wolper
Senior Director of Product Marketing at Vimeo February 15
Ideally, any roadmap shared with your sales team would be owned and presented by PMM. The sales team doesn’t just need to understand when a product will be released, but when they’ll be enabled to sel
Calvina Cheng
Head of Product Marketing at Zeplin February 22
The roadmap deck should be created by PM and PMM. Ultimately PM will have the best understanding of the upcoming features with dates of releases, but PMM is responsible for ensuring that the messaging
Anna Wiggins
Sr. Director Product Marketing, Insights, Copy & Content at Bluevine August 11
I answer a similar question further on, but at a high level a great way to preview the roadmap is part of annual or quarterly account health checks. In the past I’ve had a section in the sales deck. W