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Jason Oakley
Senior Director of Product Marketing at Klue January 5
I actually did a presentation on this about a month ago, which you can watch here.  I don't split it out into 30-60-90 day increments, but within that period, these are the things I'd suggest doing:
Sarah Din
VP of Product Marketing at Quickbase February 22
your 30-60-90 day plan will really depend on where the company is focused for the next 12 months and where they really need the most help. But in general, you want to look at a few key areas: - Build
Meredith Davis Shields
VP, Product Marketing at LendingClub July 26
My first 30 days at Chime was all about team. I needed to spend a lot of time listening, observing and reviewing learning agendas to see how they think and what value they were adding to the organizat
Andy Schumeister
Director of Product Marketing at Sourcegraph June 8
30 days: Prioritize understanding your customers, your product, and your company: Shadow customer calls (or listen to recordings if they exist). Get to know your cross-functional partners - schedule
Angus Maclaurin
Director of Product Marketing at BILL February 2
I’ve come in as the first PMM at several companies. My experience has been different every time, and I’ve learned a few hard lessons on rushing in too quickly. A large chunk of the first 90 days cente
Jennifer Kay
Product Marketing Expert & Mentor at | Formerly Homebase, Angi, The KnotOctober 12
Whether your a product marketer or just a new employee, the most important thing you can do is to ASK WHY + LISTEN.0-30 days - Talk to everyone. Ask Why 5 times. Don't make any assumptions and ask lot