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I'm curious if you've observed the impact of adding a PMM to smaller organizations or if you think they're most impactful in larger organizations?
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Jasmine Jaume
Director, Product Marketing at Intercom October 26
I'm biased of course, but I believe PMMs should be one of your first marketing hires. The insight PMMs can bring in terms of product-market fit, positioning and messaging are just as valuable, if not
Jason Oakley
Senior Director of Product Marketing at Klue January 6
I was one of the first marketing hires at Chili Piper. I personally think there's an arguement to hire product marketing first or second. Positioning, messaging, segmentation, sales enablement, these
Adam Kerin
SVP of Marketing at Truework January 19
The two startups I joined as the first PMM were ~100 employees and both were for technical software products. In this space, my perspective is the founding and technical teams should be maniacally foc
Jason Perocho
Vice President, Product Marketing at Braze March 11
Seed funding is when I've generally seen PMMs hired. They're generally hired at the same time or just after a PM. Legendary HBS professor Clayton Christensen's research shows that 95% of products fail
Daniel J. Murphy
Marketing Strategy Consultant at June 9
Earliest stage: soon as you have a product in customers hands, you could use product marketing. That's not always realistic... sales, engineering, product resources take priority. And there's always t
Ajit Ghuman
Director of Product Management - Pricing & Packaging, CXP at Twilio | Formerly Narvar, Medallia, Helpshift, Feedzai, Reputation.comFebruary 28
A PMM can contribute to an organization that has already found an element of product-market fit, but it'd be important not to confuse them to be the first product marketer.  Often, the first 'product
Daniel Palay
Head Of Product Marketing at 3Gtms March 4
For an early-stage company, it is of the utmost importance to differentiate between hiring a product marketing title and hiring product marketing skills. Regarding someone with that title, the answer
Tracy Montour
Head of Product Marketing at HiredScore August 4
Because Product Marketing is a strategic function, it can add value at any stage - even as early as defining the product strategy and vision alongside the product leader. The earlier the company hires
Lisa Dziuba
Head of Product Marketing at LottieFiles | Formerly WeLoveNoCode (made $3.6M ARR), Abstract, Flawless App (sold)August 3
Startups need to hire product marketing managersbutwhen hiring for PMM roles in a high-growth environment, it's critical to pay attention to the PMM's soft skills. My favorite must-have soft skills fo
Alex Gammelgard
Product Marketing at Trusted Health February 23
At most startups, the business founder is the first product marketer. This makes sense bc the founder knows the problem deeply, as well as the market, the product vision, and the opportunity ahead, a