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Vice President Marketing at

For sales messaging, I haven’t encountered anything better than “Command of the Message” which you can google.

Head of Marketing at Woven

Command of the Message looks interesting. I googled them and read through Force Management's site. Do you have any "how to" guides that are accessible wtihout going through their consulting?

Senior B2B Copywriter at Freelance
I usually have one or several resources of the following resources open when I'm developing a new messaging strategy. 1. Doug Kessler's "Irresistable Content for Immovable Prospects [] " [Slideshare] 2. Andy Raskin's "Promise...more
Head of Product Marketing at Previously @ AI chip startup

@Nandini Jammi Can you relink the product messaging framework you've developed? It's currently linking to Donald Miller's Storybrand book on Amazon. 

Operating Partner at Unusual Ventures (former VP PMM @ Okta)
A couple to try out. Here’s a combined messaging source doc [] that I use every time I start working with one of our portfolio companies. Inherited from Citrix days and then adapted over time. Hope it’s helpful! The second one i...more
Founder & Chief Marketer at Trusted CMO -
With messaging, simpler is better. Messaging should be crisp and devoid of jargon. There are three resources I use, and the resource would depend on the project, e.g. company messaging vs. product messaging:  * Mother story: write a 3-4 narrative about your company. What is the change that i...more
Former Director of Digital Marketing - Demand Generation at Lucidworks

Love this framework, that gets you thinking on all the steps that make up great messaging. Thanks for sharing!  

Global Director, Business Strategy and Comms at TripActions
Hmmm … this depends on what you’re launching. The most important things to understand when you’re creating any messaging is who your audience is, what is the benefit to them, and how you'll reach them. This is a great read if you’re just getting started (and something I make my new hires read): h...more
Founder at 021 Consulting
We’ve developed a few of our own frameworks over the years based on jobs-to-be-done. It’s an approach that runs counterintuitive to classic, persona-based marketing, and does so purposefully. Focusing on customer attributes really means focusing on what you want to sell, rather than what your cus...more
Lead PMM at Shopify

+1 on the Jobs to Be Done framework. I was really excited when I found it on the Intercom blog. As a marketer, it's simplified what can usually be a daunting process. 

Also, Matt I'm a huge fan of the blog/podcast. The content your team produces is 100 (wish I could put the emote in here).

Sr. Director Product Marketing at BlueVine
There are a lot of messaging frameworks out there. If you are on the hunt for templates, check out the Product Marketing Alliance or April Dunford's website (Obviously Awesome is a must-read of Product Marketers). In general, a messaging doc should be the single source of truth and act as the bu...more
Director of Brand and Product Marketing, at Twilio
At Segment, we think of messaging in three tiers and have different frameworks for each. Product marketing usually collaborates with PR and brand for Level 0 and Level 1, while we own Level 2. Level 0 Messaging: Highest-level company messaging, found in press releases, first sales decks slides, ...more
Senior Director, Product Marketing Strategy at Zuora
MESSAGING FRAMEWORK Andy Raskin broke down our Zuora messaging framework perfectly: The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen [] This messaging framework we use has 5 elements:  * Name a Big, Relevant Change in the ...more