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Akshay Kerkar
Head of Product Marketing, Platform & Commerce at Atlassian December 23
I must admit that design disagreements have been rare in my experience. The best way to ensure alignment is to really think of your design partner as a true partner (vs. just a service role), bring th
Lindsey Weinig
Director of Product Marketing at Twilio March 16
Whenever possible I try to have a customer-first, data-driven approach. We've used A/B testing, customer research, or referencing market standards to hash out disagreements in the past. If those aren'
Leah Brite
Head of Product Marketing, Core Product at Gusto April 29
Here are a few things to think about: Consider how you are briefing in the work to get alignment upfront on the ask and the criteria. Related, bring them along on the insights journey to empower them