Jena Donlin
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Snowflake

Building on Jennifer's reply above, we have 4 tiers. We aim to do proactive work (meaning working with BDRs, sales, account managers, success team) to identify a way to engage, grow, or expand an account within the top 10 accounts. This hits all points in the funnel and often involved multiple teams and units. This could include sponsoring a company event and creating custom content to get in front of a big portion of their employee base. In the second tier (100 accounts), we have a request field in Salesforce for "Customized Marketing Request" and will work on materials or collateral to support an ongoing effort (generally more MOFU). The rest of our work across the next two years we focus on scalabliity. Our dream state (and it works sometimes) is to think about this as a feedback loop. We can identify holes in our material and update the more general materials with this highly targeted work and narrative. 

Mandy Schafer
Group Product Marketing Manager- Enterprise at Miro
ABM is near and dear to my heart as I was in the middle of the tornado that spun up the term ABM during my time at Demandbase. As the PMM there at the time, we not only defined what ABM was, but also had to execute on it as well. Based on what we preached, when building out an ABM based strategy,...more
April Rassa
Vice President of Product Marketing at HackerOne
Traditional B2B marketing is often done through broad-reaching campaigns. Most marketers try to get their word out—as far and as wide as possible—by leveraging different marketing channels: owned, earned, and paid. The objective is to cast a wide net and put out as much content as possible, in or...more
Alina Fu
VP Product Marketing at G2
ABM is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, as we just announced 7 new ABM integrations and hosted a webinar about ABM strategies. Data-driven marketing has extended beyond analytics, social, SEO/SEM, and A/B testing into insights and 3rd party data on customers’ wants and needs to tailor ...more
Natalie Louie
Head of Marketing at MobileCoin
With traditional marketing we have a wider audience and are doing a marketing volume play and casting a wider net. With an ABM strategy we know exactly who we want to go after and it’s a targeted, smaller audience. More time is spent sizing the accounts, looking at the data and deciding which to...more
Jennifer Ottovegio
Director of Product Marketing at Narvar
  To put it simply, ABM is a more targeted approach to storytelling and demand generation. Instead of telling 1 or 2 broad stories to large groups of prospects and/or leads, ABM forces the PMM team to narrow in on our top target accounts (both customers and prospects) and identify what story wil...more