Aneri Shah
Product Marketing Lead at WhatsApp

I've thought about this a lot as I've worked across both B2B and B2C and wondered if it makes sense to specialize and how transferrable skills are. This is also something I've asked many leaders and mentors. The overwhelming advice I've gotten is to focus on being a good marketer and not focus on B2B vs. B2C - instead, think about the types of problems you're interested in solving, the day to day work that most engages and challenges you, and how much you'll learn in a certain job. Additionally, marketing leadership roles often span both B2B and B2C, so having a good knowledge of both can be an advantage. 

When looking at candidates, I think strategic thinking and willingness to learn are the top traits I prioritize - whether the candidate comes from a B2B vs. B2C (or even non-PMM) background is secondary. 

Mike Polner
VP Marketing at Cameo | Formerly Uber, Fivestars, Electronic Arts
I touched on this a bit above - I started my career in B2B and learned really valuable lessons before moving more deeply into B2C.  I think Marketing is evolving so quickly that you can learn extremely valuable skills in either the B2B or the B2C world that are applicable across both, so would...more
Emily Rugaber
VP of Marketing (previously Head of Product Marketing) at Thanx
- It's all about being able to tell a story about how your previous experience tracks to what you want to do - B2B and B2C are converging a bit so I think the skills are definitely transferrable. It might be hard to move from the far end of the spectrum all the way to the other far end - What det...more