Carrie Zhang
Product Lead (fmr Head of Product Marketing) at Square

Yes, PMM role varies a lot by industry and company. So you have to ask yourself what you want to do and what ultimately interest you. When you choose what companies, PMM groups to join, you need to evaluate whether that helps you get to where you want to be. For example, I am not into enterprise B2B. Product marketing in that space requires a lot more sales enablement work that I'm not passionate about. I've personally found the following background helpful to excel at product marketing:

  • Hands-on channel marketing experience. A good PMM need to know how different channels work, e.g., how to do acquisition via paid marketing, how to do customer lifecycle management
  • Classic CPG marketing training. Best place to learn about segmentation, targeting, positioning and brand management
  • Strategy consulting. PMM needs to have a business mind. Strategy consulting is great at teaching you how to solve an ambiguous problem
Aneri Shah
Product Marketing Lead at WhatsApp
PMM role definitions and skills do vary significantly across companies (and even teams within the same company!) but I see this as an opportunity.  The main skills are still foundational across all roles:  1. Having a deep understanding of the customer - being able to clearly grasp customer pai...more
Mike Flouton
VP, Product at Barracuda Networks
I guess I've never really thought of this as a problem. If you follow your passions and continuously take opportunities in great organizations, you will automatically create a career path that sets you up for the type of future opportunities you like and are passionate about.   If you're more c...more
Hila Segal
VP of Product Marketing at Observe.AI | Formerly Clari, Vendavo, Amdocs
Switching companies as part of your PMM journey is a good thing (if you're not jumping around too much). It will give you a broader perspective on different GTM channels, business models, org structures, sales processes, etc. You just need to make sure you are growing and acquiring new skills wit...more
Mike Polner
VP Marketing at Cameo | Formerly Uber, Fivestars, Electronic Arts
In my career path I've looked for a few things and created a few career principles... 1. Finding growth industries that will be more important in the next 3 - 5 years given where I see trends moving...For example, I was in AdTech in 2010 when mobile and display advertising was just starting to t...more
Leandro Margulis
Head of Product Marketing at Prove
This question reminds me of Reid Hoffman's book "The Startup of You". If you think of yourself as a startup, think about which skills you have and are good at, what others you want to learn, and see how you can hone on those skills in your current or upcoming role as well as which other skills yo...more
Indy Sen
VP Marketing at PopSQL | Formerly Matterport, WeWork, Google, Mulesoft, Box, Salesforce
No doubt your product, its value props and your audience will change from company to company.  What doesn't change however is your job to be done as a product marketer, and the role you get to play. No matter what organization I've been part of, PMM has always sat at the intersection of produc...more