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Ajit Ghuman
Director of Pricing and Packaging, Twilio Flex, Twilio | Formerly Narvar, Medallia, Helpshift, Feedzai, Reputation.comFebruary 20

I've heard of both names on your list and have interviewed Joshua Bloom at Simon Kucher for my book. I like Simon Kucher's approach and I do think you will be able to learn alongside. 

At this link you'll find SKP's take on consulting and whether its a good fit. 

Additionally, in this blog , I've taken an excerpt from my book on SKP's phased approach to a pricing project. 

I'm not selling them - just reporting on what I know.

Chris Mills
VP of Marketing, AmbitionMarch 31

I've done pricing & packaging projects both in-house with the support of external consulting help. If you or others in your org have never done a big pricing & packaging project before it might be worthwhile to bring in external help. I've worked with Simon Kucher in the past and they have a ton of pricing strategy expertise across a variety of industries. In our latest P&P project, we ran it internally but involved advisors from our investors, industry analysts we work with and our customer advisory board. Depending on who your investors are they may have pricing & packaging expertise in-house. For example, one of our VC's has a pricing expert (former Simon-Kucher consultant) that advises portoflio companies. We included him as part of our research and validation of our recommendation.

Yannick Kpodar
Chief Marketing Officer, Dalenys & Xpollens Payment Solutions, NatixisSeptember 10

In-house will usually be a great learning experience. You can run this project if you operate as a unit and work with your cross-functional partners. Consultants can add a ton of value, but they come at a steep cost. We decided that we could do it on our own, and we were right :)

But I recommend talking to as many pricing folks in your industry or other industries to learn from them. Some mistakes are avoidable. The only consulting firm we spoke with was Simon Kucher.

Have a look at these slides. It can already help steer you in the right direction. Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need it.