Vanessa Thompson
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Twilio

Based on your question detail, it sounds like you are targeting some specific persona details. If you have the time and capacity to take the approach you described, then it's a good way to do it.

The other is to use a third party. I've used a few in the past, SurveyMonkey and They were both pretty easy to use and got us the insight we needed without the hassle of prospecting.

Madelyn Newman
Director of Product and Customer Marketing at CallRail is great tool for this - you can target specific job titles in any number of industries and weed out interviewees based on a survey. We typically ask things like company size, job function, whether or not they're already using our software, etc. We just redid all of our personas and...more
Daniel Palay
Head Of Product Marketing at 3Gtms
First things first, I believe that a representative sampling of non-customers can actually be a better source of information than current customers, so you're in a good position there. However, I wouldn't start with a survey. I would instead start internally (product and sales) to understand who ...more
Greg Hollander
VP of GTM & Strategy at Novi
  If you’re looking for specific titles, I think the approach you laid out makes sense. The screener survey is super important for making sure you’re find representative folks to talk to (based on your customer base or intended customer base), and not wasting your time. For sourcing the initial ...more