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Kavya Nath
Product Marketing, Reality Labs at Meta | Formerly Sprinklr, YuMeMarch 25
Building trust is the key component here and I think you get there by taking the time to listen and learn. With the product team specifically, it’s educating them on your role and how you’re ultimatel
Eric Petitt
Vice President, Marketing at Glassdoor March 18
First, this is so hard! I have been through a few turns of this and candidly I’d say not every company is ready. There are companies that are just not ready to have a strategic pmm org. Maybe their pr
Natala Menezes
Global Head of Product Marketing at Grammarly | Formerly at: GOOG, MSFT, AMZN, SFDC + startupsFebruary 10
Show up! In my last role, I was on a team where it wasn’t usual for PMM to play a significant role in the PM planning or organization. I showed up, spent time with the leaders, shared what PMM could d
Uri Kogan
VP Product Marketing at OnPlan March 4
This is an interesting one. In my last company, I joined as the first PMM. In my first meeting with the product team, I spent a fair bit of time explaining the role of PMMs and what we do — how we con
Mandy Schafer
Director of Product Marketing at Mastercard June 16
This happens a lot, and a lot of times it’s because PMM wasn’t established when the company started shipping products and became successful without the help of a PMM function.  The key is to really h
Fiona Finn
Director of Product Marketing at March 5
Start with discovery and a series of questions that you can consistently ask your stakeholders.  1. Understand them as humans: what motivates people, how they communicate, what they're passionate abou