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Dave Kong
Head of Product Marketing at Scale AI January 17
Ah, this sounds like a fun prioritization exercise! If sales enablement was just kicking off, I'm assuming that generally marketing and PMM functions are relatively new as well. There's probably a lot
Rajendran Nair
Vice President Product Marketing at Medallia July 21
There are three key elements you need to consider: Your story and the constituent “story-lets” Your internal audience - sales being the most important, but you need to address the needs of other cust
Charles Tsang
Head of Marketing at Pinwheel February 10
A lot I could go into here, but I'd oversimplify the steps into a few areas:  Sales strategy and sales model: Start with understanding how this works at your company. How is sales structured - e.g.,
Daniel Palay
Head Of Product Marketing at 3Gtms March 3
In my mind, there are two aspects of Sales Enablement: training and arming. So, the first question is which of these is more needed: Do you have naturally great salespeople that need some additional r
Mark Officer
Director of Product Marketing at Right Networks August 8
I would encorage you to check out the Sales Enablement Society. There is a wealth of information and good discussion threads on everything sales enablment. Note that they are very cautious on vendors