Self-Serve Product Marketing

How do you communicate product marketing achievements upwards and build visibility?
It can sometimes be a struggle for those on the executive team, or in higher leadership roles, to see the value that product marketing is bringing to the business - especially if they do not have regular interaction. How do you build visibility for you and/or your team, and clearly communicate the achievements and activities throughout the year?
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What are key certifications or courses to become a product marketing manager?
I'm a digital marketing specialist looking to transition to product marketing
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How do you manage people who don't necessarily report into you?
This could be while giving feedback on a piece of work? Or getting them to prioritise the project you're running.
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What is your process for collecting user feedback?
Do you use ever use NPS or any other survey style?
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How do you best structure and leverage beta releases to assist the product team (with iteration, feedback) and Product Marketing (positioning, messaging, enablement, onboarding)?
How do you collect information from users and disseminate between teams? What does an ideal timeline for a beta look like?
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What do self-serve product marketers spend their time doing, given that they don't have sales enablement responsibilities?
Where does all that time get repurposed in self-serve PMM? What are some of the big categories of work where you over-invest in self-serve vs. traditional B2B PMM?
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What questions do you ask users when trying to improve user onboarding from a product marketing perspective?
I'm a product marketing who has been tasked with helping to improve the onboarding experience from a product marketing point of view (emails, comms, in app messages. I have a list of new users that haven't returned to the platform and I'd love some thoughts, feedback, and insights from previous experience.
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How do you approach building a land and expand strategy?
Let's say for a product like Slack, how would you leverage marketing, product, sales and CS functions to increase Slack adoption across the company. I read this article on how IBM adopted Slack ( and I was wondering how the product marketing team at Slack would formulate it?
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Which are the mandatory questions you should ask the company founders when you're empowered to create the Product Marketing function from zero?
I will face this challenge very son and my thoughts are: - which are the company objectives? - which are the marketing and product marketing specific objectives? - the resources in place to achieve the objectives (human, financial, tools) - where is the product on the lifecycle? - top three priorities - how are sales/marketing/product teams organised?
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For webinars for customer engagement and thought leadership, how are the responsibilities split between product marketing and content?
Does product marketing own the webinar strategy and content or do they influence the strategy but lean on their content partners to come up with the content?
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What should I include in my product marketing budget?
I already have things like Customer Visits, a Sales Enablement / Content Management tool, SKO, pricing model consulting.
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